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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Macnish Distillery Pipe Band Volume 3

It is always good to start the new year off with something pleasant, something to look back on and smile. In a previous post back on December 11, 2008 I told you about sending my kitchen pipes back to Jim at Scott’s Highland Services, LTD. Well they came back, totally restored and in great working order. I spent the evening annoying the family and dogs... just had a wonderful time. When my lips finally gave out I spent some time listening to the new CD Jim sent me, the "Macnish Distillery Pipe Band Volume 3". Now I don't sound all that great, but the CD, well that's another story. This is a GREAT CD. The band is based in St. Thomas, Ontario and has successfully competed for over three decades throughout Canada, The US and Scottland. They have recently changed their name back to the "St. Thomas Police Pipe Band", a name they had previously carried for many years. Get a copy, you will be delighted. Now, where is that dog hiding?