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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Techno - Piper

I'm trying to step into this century.. Yes its true, I'm setting up sites on MySpace.com, YouTube.com, Ilike.com, thumbtack.com, twitter.com, trying to inter-link them, my existing websites, and my gigsalad.com site.......  good Lord, I thought learning to pipe was difficult!  Even with the grandkids showing me what I've done wrong (far more often than I've "done right") I don't grasp it!

I'm thinking that the best thing I can do is leave it to the kids, and go learn a new tune or two.   Far less stressful, and for me just as rewarding.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Western Shrine Association

Well, the WSA (Western Shrine Association) has come and gone.  What a great time!  Parade units from everywhere.  It took almost an hour for all the units to pass (and it was only a fifteen minute parade route through "Olde Towne Tempe").  Old freindships were newed and new ones forged.   Fifteen new Nobles were initiated.  The City of Tempe and the Tempe Mission Palms were truly gracious hosts.  We all came away with a renewed comittment to our Shrine Hospitals and their mission.  The very best thing is that "It is all about the Kids"!

Our next Shrine parade isn't until June 19th, up in Prescott Valley.  We'll all be ready!