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Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Dog Days of Summer"

Well, it’s broken 100 degrees in Phoenix so its time to hang up the wool argyle and kilt, and break out the lightweight kilts for Summer.  In just a few weeks the one hundred degree mark will seem like “cool” weather! 

Actually, this time of year you begin to look forward to the out of town gigs in Flagstaff and the High Country.  They give you the much needed excuse to go where its not so hot. 

Things seem to slow down a little here in the Summer.  Funerals remain relatively constant, but garden weddings slow way down, and so do back yard parties as it gets still warmer.  Even the municipal street fairs shut down for the season.  But after a busy Spring that is not such a bad thing!  J 

Be well, I’ll write again soon.