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Monday, January 05, 2015

Celtic Music Magazine, Dec 12, 2014

“Michael “Pops” McGee is a bagpiper from Arizona, he currently has two albums available for purchase. His album, ‘Live from Potter’s Field,’ offers a nice collection of solo pipe tunes, many of them Christmas songs. The piping on this album is very good. Steady tone, and a chanter that blends well with the drones. These two often overlooked aspects of the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes are very important in the playing and presentation of the instrument. Michael McGee is no virtuoso, but I find it rather refreshing to listen to an album of solo piping that presents tunes in a stripped down manner that allows the tonal quality of the instrument to shine in a way that is usually lost in the blazing fast tunes common to solo piping collections. In addition to the Christmas tunes there are also several trad. tunes and some old hymns. A very enjoyable selection of solo piping, definitely worth checking out.
 ARTIST: Michael McGee
 ALBUM: Live from Potter’s Field”