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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yet another St. Patty's :-)

Well, Saint Patty’s day 2009 has come and gone. A brief five days and evenings of parties, pubs, and suds. Now the public demand for pipers will return to normal (near zero). Try pub crawling with your pipes for the next 51 weeks and you are more apt to incur bodily harm than free drinks. Still for a glorious 120 hours the public could not get enough of us! If you had a particularly unique experience or captured that once in lifetime photo share it with the world. Send it to gopiper.com and we’ll post it with everyone else’s. Or leave it here as a comment and I’ll “cut and paste” it over for you. Keep the party alive!



Dave said...

Hey Pop’s,
What a week… Hope it was a great for you. Fortunately for me the bar crawling does go all year in about 5 Irish/Scottish pubs in Salt Lake and Park City.
Aren’t there a couple of Tilted Kilt locations down there? Pipe it up!

Mike (AKA Pops) said...

Right on Dave! In a metro area of 6 million there are always a few places which appreciate the Pipes. Its just that last week EVERYONE appreciated the Pipes. I think a "plastic bag and plumbing" would have been welcome. :-) We've got a few very nice pubs even on this end of town.