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Monday, August 03, 2009

I’ve read the bios on so many pipers now and there seems be some very common threads. They fall into the one or more of these categories:

1.) I am the most experienced piper alive (at least in this area).

2.) I play at the highest level possible (as defined by those who should know).

3.) I am very competitive and have won many prestigious awards (surely you’ve heard of them).

4.) I have been playing most of my life (maybe even longer).

Wow, not much room there for anyone else!

Well, I thought I should write my bio.

“I am a piper who plays for the joy of playing. I leave and always will leave competition to athletes, businessmen etc. and of course to many bagpipers. I have no idea what level I play at I only know that it brings me great joy, and if you enjoy hearing me play I will be happy to play for you as well. I will not play for anyone who has not already heard me play, and I will only play for such a person at thier request. I do believe that if my piping is advertised, promoted, and whored out like a business the joy will leave and I can’t bear to think of that. I also believe the joy is contagious and infects those who hear me. So it is my mission to protect the joy my piping brings, and share with those who so desire. Nothing more, nothing less.”


Dave said...

Funny! Yet, well pointed.
Your friend,
The Bagpipe Whore
The most experienced piper alive!!!

Mike (AKA Pops) said...

Ah well my freind,

There are whores and then there are whores. :-) I have to confess to never walking away from compensation. And quite frankly if there was enough of a following without the insidious "Self Promotion" I sure would not be whoring myself out as consultant!


LG said...

Yeah, sometimes I'm bugged by the smugness of the "elite" myself. I know I don't play at the highest level, I play at whatever level you could consider me (I consider myself average in ability, at best), but I do enjoy playing and I've gotten nothing but positive feedback on my playing, which should amount to something.

Mike (AKA Pops) said...


It's good to see you back. I hope you are feeling much better. I don't play for the elite!