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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

St. Patty's Parties

Well now, as you can see St. Patty’s Day is nearly upon us. And for those of you intending to celebrate with private parties it’s time to start planning your event. Should those plans include a piper I have a word of caution for you.

While there are over six million people in the Phoenix Metro area alone, it has been estimated that there are fewer than two hundred fifty pipers in all of Arizona, not all of whom hire out. Many of us who do have found that a very good time (and obscenely lucrative) can be had simply pub crawling and playing for tips. So they will not be available.
The message is clear if you want a piper for your St. Patty's party contact them as early as possible!

There now.  You've been warned.  Now party on!

Pops :-)

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