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Sunday, September 04, 2011

A private service

It was a beautiful morning to be piping at Roadrunner Park.  While working through my tunes a friend approached me with a request.  His father had been given 90 days to live and he wanted a Piper for his funeral.  He wanted to video tape me so his father could see me perform.  I readily agreed and went through Amazing Grace. 

Sadly, the appointed day came even sooner than expected.  To begin the service I piped Danny Boy in the lobby as everyone was seated.  As soon as the service began I left and walked over to the Mausoleum where the interment would be.  A short time later the family and mourners arrived at the site and there was a brief additional service.  

At the conclusion of the graveside remarks I piped Amazing Grace to each of the four corners, and having finished piping to the East I slowly marched into the East playing Highland Cathedral.  The family and mourners departed for the wake, and I and my thoughts left for home.  Such days are bitter sweet, drowning in a dark sense of loss and dispair, and then the pipes, breaking the floodgates and releasing the grief.

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